I know what you are thinking. You are thinking What an interesting title for a book. And if you had only read the first portion of the books title you might be confused about whether or not this was a book about writing sleuths or is this a book about writing erotic fiction? Let me assure you it is the former rather then the latter.

I came across this book while trolling through some crime writing blogs. What really caught my eye about this book, however, is the fact that the writer is from Colorado, and more specifically Highlands Ranch which is perhaps a dozen miles from where I live in the ‘burbs of Denver.

The book deals with all area of Private Investigation, and not just the areas of dealing with PI’s who are in the business of solving murders. In the Private Investigative fields, a PI can be hired to trail cheating spouses, insurance scammers, debt collectors…you name, this book covers it.

References that lead me to discovering this book can be found here and here. I should also not that this book is only offered in eBook form.