To put it bluntly, I wasn’t a fan of this book. It is a book involving a space adventure when Jack McDevitt is better known for books that stimulate the mind and bring to the table a level of technical wonders that make you feel like you’re a rocket scientist at JPL. This book was little more than a story about the fight for survival, which is fine if you haven’t read any other books by McDevitt and know what he is capable of.

The book is about Priscilla Hutchens and her crew of scientist and thinkers that become stuck on an alien planet when there shuttle is wrecked and the nearest replacement is several days away. The catch? The planet, Deepsix, is about to be involved in a head-on collision with a gas giant that is sweeping through its system in an intergalactic form of billiards. Unfortunately for Hutchens, this collision will be taking place before a rescue mission with a shuttle reaches the system, leaving the various ships in orbit, all of whom are in the neighborhood to watch the once in-a-lifetime collision, to try to find a way to rescue the stranded people on the surface. What do they come up with? A “skyhook” that sweeps through the upper atmosphere and scoops up the shuttle that can fly but cannot reach orbit. But first they need to survival on the surface while this “skyhook” is constructed, which is easier said then done since the planet is coming apart at the seams in the wake of the approaching devastation.

All-in-all, this is, I believe, Jack McDevitt‘s first novel, and while not his finest work, it is a window into what the author would be capable off in later works.

Rating (out of 5):