There is nothing that I like better than free book, which is why, when, over this past weekend, while me and my girlfriend were helping her parents move out of their old place and cleaning out a room which held the processions of an older relative who passed away a few years before, I become excited when I came across a dusty old box marked “Sci-fi Books.” When I asked what they wanted me to do with that box, I was told, much to my delight: “Everything in that room is to be given away to goodwill, or if you want something in there, help yourself.” So I did. Amongst the treasures that I found inside where two volumes of collected Ray Bradbury short stories and a near mint first printing of Martian Time-Slip by Philip K. Dick. All-in-all, it is sometimes worth it when helping family and friends move; sometimes you come across a treasure which to them may be nothing more than junk.