No Surprise, over these past holiday weekends I took time out of my busy schedule to frequent many user book shops and Flea Markets in search of the elusive hidden treasure of books. And while I cannot say that I found anything rare, hard to come by, or valuable, I did find many books in good condition that will make a fine addition to my collection.

The first one is Empire by Orson Scott Card. According to Wikipedia, the book is about the second Civil War of the United States. Only this time the war is not fought between north and south, but rather between Right and Left.

I’m leery about this book and what message Card is trying to get by as I see nowhere near eye-to-eye with Card on many issues relating to the current state of this country. However, having said that, Orson Scott Card has written, and I am sure will write many more, great and wonderful science fiction books, some of which I have already enjoyed and other I plan to enjoy in the future, therefore he deserves at least the chance to achieve this feat yet again.