History is filled with what-ifs. What if the bomb had been dropped in Europe instead of Japan? What if JFK had not been assassinated in1963? What if the Russians beat the Americans to the Moon? But, what if Abrham Lincoln was a vampire hunter? Huh?

Well, if you were just as suspicious as I was that this was anything but a joke, don’t feel bad. I mean, I’m a fan of history books, and even alternative history books, but come on, Lincoln a vampire hunter? Even I have to admit that this has bad literary quality written all over it! Then, about a month back I heard that the book Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was being made into a movie. Not to mention that a cousin of mine had mentioned to me that she was reading it and it was really good. Really?

Intrigued, and, like I said, a huge fan of history, I picked up the book and plan on reading it before the movie comes out.

If you are wondering what the book is about, well, the title pretty much says it all. My hopes for this book is that the known history of Abraham Lincoln is mixed in with the plot and his achievements somehow intertwine with Lincoln being a vampire hunter. Anything other then that would leave me wondering how strong a story this could actually be.  But we’ll see, until I have read I will keep an open mind.