Now, I’m not the one to preach, and especially not here, this being a science fiction blog and all, but being from Colorado and being a life-long scientists, albeit an amateur one, but still in a science related field (computers and mathematics), it bugs me when someone who clearly doesn’t have a qualified background argues with someone that does. More than that, it bugs me when people turn a blind-eye to the change that is happening all around them and is there for all to see.

Two winters ago, my home state of Colorado saw record amounts of snow fall, snow pack was at 250% of normal. This past winter, we got next to nothing. This June, for the entire month we had record highs almost every single day. We also had temperatures that were in the 100’s for seven or eight straight days, which is unheard of in Colorado.

What I am trying to say here is that I find it funny that people trust scientist to tell us how the combustion engines on their cars will work; they trust scientists to tell them how chemical reactions in nature, including inside their own bodies, work, but they do not trust them when they deliver a warning that could have disastrous effects on their future, based on solid, run of the mill, everyday science. Sometimes I think we might have it coming, maybe even that we wont the end to happen this way.

As far as Bill Nye is concerned, what he has done for Climate Change in terms of its awareness is great, and I would like to tell him to keep it up. I would be hard pressed to say who I respect more, Bill Nye or Carl Sagan, which is saying a lot, as people who know me know I am a HUGE Sagan fan.

Regularly scheduled science fiction and science fiction related blogging will return tomorrow. Enjoy your day everybody.