We landed on this moon a little over a week ago. Crashed landed is more like it. If what we knew about military protocal is right, Rear Admiral Mathew Ardling would have already declared all hands lost, and to be honest, he would be right. We are on a backwater moon of a backwater planet, this would the last place anybody looked. The fact that we had ventured off mission, chasing some ghost in the depths of space is what made our odds so heavily stacked against us. Our odds would be greatly improved if we had a ship capable of reaching orbit, but to do that we would first need a class-D thruster to replace the one that got smashed during our landing. Without that we aren’t going anywhere.

To top it all off, our first commander William Argyle didn’t make it through the landing. Our second C.O. suffered sever injuries and later died, leaving me, Hubert Holt, in command. Normally I wouldn’t mind, I’m not afraid of the responsibility, and to be honest, I feel the promotion is long over due, it’s just that I am not extremely liked by my fellow soldiers. I guess that’s what happens when my twenty-first century consciousness is loaded into the new body of a soldier, and I excel were others of this century, the twenty-sixth, fail miserably. I’m told very few climb through the ranks as fast as I have, but as a result, I became not very well liked.

“We could go in strong. Hit them hard and fast, those we kill, we kill, those that survive, survive to be killed another day.” That was Cody Sinclair, my newly appointed second in-command. He doesn’t like me either, and to be honest, I don’t much like him, he’s to much of a hot head, as if that was hard to tell, but what makes us work so well together was our mutual respect for the corp, urah, and because of that he chose to respect the chain of command even in light of the fact that there is very little hope in our survival.

* I wrote this on a whim. Hubert Holt is part of a larger story that I have been working on, but have been having some trouble getting started and plotted out. It remains to be seen if this will go anywhere, but for now this is at least a start.