In short, the book did meet my wish to have a plot that blended with the general issue of slavery and the rights of men, an issue that, as we all know, lead to the civil war and Lincoln’s eventual assassination. However, a stories go, this one, in my opinion lacked a great deal of characteristics that almost all stories have, for example, a central antagonist.

In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the main character, Abraham Lincoln, learns at a very young age what it means to lose a loved one. Along with this lesson is a new-found rage and hatred for the very beings that have brought about this loss, through the senseless killing of his mother, as a result he makes a promise to avenge her death and see that those responsible pay the ultimate price. But first he has to learn who “they” are, for Abraham Lincoln has never even heard of the word vampire, and therefore doesn’t even know what “they” are. Soon, however, he learns the truth behind these creatures that hide away in the dark. He also learns that not all vampires are evil or warrant death just because of what they are. some see the taking of a human life for what it truly is, murder, and will stop at nothing to stop it, even if it means betraying their own kind.

Thus we come to meet Henry Sturgess vampire and vampire hunter. However, upon meeting SturgessAbraham learns that there is more afoot here then simple blood thirty creatures looking to feed. There is a conspiracy, too. A conspiracy to use humans, most notably slaves, as cattle. However Abraham knows that it will not stop there, without the outlawing of slavery, all of humanity may one day find itself ruled and herded by vampires that want only to use them for their own needs. Thus begin the intertwining of Abraham Lincoln the politician, and Abraham Lincoln the vampire hunter.

All-in-all, the book isn’t what I excepted, mostly because of the issues I have already pointed out, but the story was easy to follow and the writing was done very well and, at times, had an almost poetic quality to it, all good qualities in my book.

Rating (out of 5):