I used to hate audio books, but then I realized something: The books that I have read one or more times and have grown to love, I can’t ready over and over again like I would like without taking up an enormous amount of time and putting other books that I would like to read on the back burner. Thus it makes sense to listen to those books while driving into to work or on a long road trip, such as the one I am about to take in a weeks time. Therefore, it was with no small amount of chance and luck that I happened to notice The Langoliers by Stephen King on sale at my local book store the other, which just so happens to be possible my favorite work by the master of horror. This audio version is read by Willem Dafoe who I am not a huge fan off, as far as voice choices go, but after listening to the first CD in this set I must say he has done a very good job.

For those of you who have read The Langoliers before know that there are some pretty gruesome parts, and it will be interesting to see how those come across in audio as opposed to me reading it for myself.