I was shocked last night as I was watching the Presidential debates to see that a newly discovered extra-solar planet was found orbiting Alpha Centauri B. This is significant not only because the Alpha Centauri star system is closest to our Sun, but also because the star around which this planet orbits is almost an exact twin to our Sun, the only difference being that Alpha Cnetauri B is slightly larger. Still the planet orbits far to close into the star to sustain life or even have liquid water, but maybe, after some more research is done researchers might discover more planets orbits our closest neighbor.

This discovery comes on the heels of another planet that was found orbiting a cluster of four stars. This discovery made headline yesterday because the people who discovered this planet were volunteers, people working on their own time and with their own equipment and sifting through the massive amounts of data that has thus far been collected by the Kepler Telescope but not yet analyzed.