It seems that the thing to do now-a-day during an election year is to give your endorsement  I hate to follow suite and just fall in line with the crowd, but to be honest, these things are important, even if the main objective of this blog is to deal with and talk about science fiction. So, without further adieu, I will be voting for (have already voted, is more like it) President Barack Obama.

My reason for doing so are many, but manly I realize that four years is know where near long enough to get us out of the mess that the previous President got us in. However, and more to the point, I cannot, and therefore, will not vote/endorse any remember of a political party that has taken part in, or willfully chosen to, throw the American people under the bus, which I feel the Republican party has done. Granted, I understand that President Obama and his ideas aren’t 100% endorsed or liked by the Republicans, but I have to wonder if the Republicans weren’t so strident in their determination to obstruct the President at every turn simply because they wanted to be the ones that dragged us out of this economic mess, and therefore chose to vote no at every turn and at every opportunity just to make the President look bad and incompetent. In short, to me, this was the Republicans way of saying Wait, America, hold on, well be back in office in four years. I know times are tuff, I know a lot of you are losing your homes, jobs, etc., but please stand by. While all along the President had ideas and plans to get us out of this mess, if only he had the support of a Congress that was willing to put us, the American people, before their own party.

Regardless, the steps forward that the President did make, we have still gone a long ways in moving this country forward and improving the lives of the American people. More could have been done, yes this is true, but for one man doing it all by himself, I believe, you have to admit he did one hell of a job.

Mr. President, I would be honored if you would be our President for four more years.