I remember the days in high school where during my free period or lunch I would find a quiet corner and just read. It was during these times that I was introduced to great authors such as Timothy ZahnMichael CrichtonLarry Niven, and many more. But also, I remember spending a lot of time reading OMNI Magazine. It was a staple of everything futuristic, unknown, and amazing, and when the last issue was published in 1995 I remember feeling a huge sense of loss. Since then I have tried, and have been successful, to an ascent, to find older issue of the magazine that I have not yet read. But my journey, until now, has been far from complete. That was until I discovered that the entire catalog is offered online, for free. It comes in every format imaginable, but I discovered that the epub‘s where barely readable. The PDF‘s could be better as well, but hey, there readable and that’s good enough for me.