I was reading an interesting article on Time‘s website about how planet hunters and Astronomers are shifting gears in their hunt for extra-soar planets to include M-type stars. These stellar embers are so common that when you take the immediate neighborhood of our galactic community of stars, M-Type stars outnumber Sun-like stars by 248 to 20. This includes Red Dwarf stars which have long been a debating point over how likely are these stars to play host to e life-sustaining planet? Some think unlikely since these stars, while having a lifespan that outnumbers the lifespan of a Sun-like star by billions of years, radiate so little heat that their “Goldilocks zones” are so small that the odds of a planet being inside one may be astronomical. However, when you have an astronomically huge number of times to roll the dice, my gut feeling says that the odds of it happening at least once are pretty good. And with the ratio of 248 to 20 multiplied out to include the entire galaxy, again, my guts leads me to believe these planets are out there, and maybe in greater numbers than we ever dreamed possible.

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