no-plot-no-problemLike the title suggests, this book is about how to write even when you are not sure what it is you are writing about. Instead, the book suggests you focus on writing and reaching certain goals while writing, like word counts per day and even a total word count over the course of a month. Moreover, more than that simple premise, the book is inspirational and certainly got me motivated to think about my writing and what I should and should not be doing each and everyday when I sit down and write. For example, editing. No Plot? No Problem says that when you sit down to write, you should forget about editing – going back and spell checking, or fact checking – but instead focusing on writing each and everyday until you have reached a word count that is equivalent to that of a novel. In short, I loved this book and intend on reading it whenever I feel like I can’t reach my goals and/or word count per day.