into_the_stormI’m not really an impulse buyer, it takes a lot for me to buy a book, but I have to admit, as far as this author and series of books goes, I didn’t know a lot about them when I purchased this book. In fact, my main drive for buy this book is the reviews that I had read, which were all overwhelmingly good. Taking that into account, and the fact that I have been getting into military style science fiction as of late, I thought what the hell. While the plot of Into the Storm and the other titles in this series don’t concern themselves with futuristic battles or battles in space, they are still considered science fiction. And while, if the jacket description gives any hint into what the stories are about, the story does seem to revolve around warships from the present going back in time, which means from the view point of some of the characters it does involve futuristic battles… Anyhow, after reading the first few pages, I must say that I do like the writing style.