Many of you may have tuned in last night for the Oscars. As for me, I watched The Walking Dead and then channel surfed for about an hour before I went to bed. The truth is that the Oscars and Hollywood award shows have about as much credit as Richard Nixon trying to give someone political advice. My biggest gripe with Hollywood surrounds The Postman, a movie that came out in 1998, which was based on the book by David Brin. Not only is The Postman one of the best example of a book being made it a movie, it is simply one of the best movies Hollywood has produced in the past twenty-five years. Period! But critics didn’t think so as The Postman won Razzie awards that year for worst picture, actor, director, screenplay, and original score. My response to that: Just more clueless reviews by know nothing film critics. I only bring this up because I’m hearing grumblings over the fact that American Hustle (a film I have not seen) walked away from the Oscars last night with zero awards. All I can say is, who cares? Only a really great movie has any chance of getting anything close to universal acknowledgment of being a decent film. So as far as the Oscars go, I slept right through the ceremony.

One thing that I find truly amusing is the fact that almost every film up for some major award in the Oscars I have not seen. 12 Years a Slave? Haven’t seen it! Gravity? Haven’t seen it! Dallas Buyers Club? Haven’t seen it! Blue Jasmine? Haven’t seen it! Her? Haven’t seen it! Frozen? Haven’t seen it! I haven’t even watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug or Catching Fire, yet, but those are two movies I would like to see. But I’ve watched The Postman at least twice in the last year. As far as this critic is concerned, Hollywood and the Razzies get two thumbs down from me.

Below is a re-posting of something similar I wrote a few years back.


God, I promised myself I wouldn’t go off on any more rants about how Hollywood has lost its way, and I will restrain myself here, instead I will try to focus on what good movies Hollywood has offered in the past.

Despite its less than flattering ratings and cruel reception it received by movie-goers and critics alike, The Postman is a gem among the rock garden of movies that Hollywood has put out since my impressionable High School years. Want good acting? Want a great story? Want action? Want adventure? Want a message of hope and courage? Then watch The Postman.

Everybody has their lists of great movies – a top ten, if you will – and while I would be hard pressed to list my top ten or favorite science fiction or fantasy movies, I do know that The Postman would be on it. Yes, I have read the book and loved it, and sure I am biased because of that, but very rarely in the history of fiction and live action movies, has a single piece of art translated to both medias so well.

I am not going to give you a synapse here of The Postman, instead I offer a challenge: go out and watch the movie for yourself and tell me I am wrong; tell me it is not one of the best movies Hollywood has put forth in recent memory; tell me the critics were right to slam The Postman. My guess if that you can’t, because not only is The Postman inspiring, it is a movie beautifully put together and filmed, a true Hollywood gem that ranks right up there with Gone with the wind or The Wizard of Oz.

Rating (out of 5):