18673ebbjps53jpgThis somewhat expands on what I was getting at in my previous post and the fact (or, my opinion) that Hollywood is doing everything it can to ONLY put out mindless movies while an almost endless reservoir or material in the form of books, goes unlooked at. Again, CABLE television is taking the lead and putting into production a tv series based on Frederik Pohl‘s book, Gateway. This is a book that I haven’t read, but one thing that I have felt for a very long time is that there are many, many books in the science fiction realm alone that can be made into either movies or television shows but instead go almost completely ignored. The exception to that statement is The Game of Thrones and now Gateway. But what about other book that I have read, like The West of Eden trilogy by Harry Harrison? And I’m sure that there are many other books that I haven’t read that would be equally as suitable for tv and/or cable television?