the-martianWith the New Horizons space probe making it’s flyby of Pluto, it’s interesting to note that everything we thought we new about the planet is quickly being re-thought. For example, many suspected that Pluto was like the Moon or other dwarf and/or minor planets, in that it was grey and pock marked by craters, but had little else in the way of “character” that the real planets do. But as we get closer, and learn more, we see that this is far from the truth. Pluto is red…ish, not grey like the Moon. And far from being riddle with impact craters, Pluto has what appeared to be sand dunes(?), just like Mars, the largest of which is in the shape of a heart. There are also hints that Pluto may have at one time had an active geology, but still there is a lot to learn and interpret about the dwarf Planet. This is all kind of fitting since I just started reading The Martian, which is soon to be hitting theaters in movie form this October. Maybe some day somebody will right a book about going to and exploring Pluto?