Nobody reads unless they really enjoy it. It’s easier to sit down and watch a movie or play video games for endless hours. But more than the enjoyment of reading is the fond memories one has about books he/she has read in previous years. For me, it is those books that make me come back for more. Unfortunately, I have read my fare share of books that, for lack of a better word, sucked. But its these are the ones that didn’t and kept me coming back for more and fueled my desire to pick up a new book and start reading.

Having said that, and now that I have compiled at least a partial list of what I plan to read next year, here is a list of books that I would read again in a heartbeat. And book Gods willing, will read again someday.

  • West of Eden series by Harry Harrison. Lots of books people tell you about a book and that’s what prompts you to pick it up and start reading. This series was the only one that I can think of that nobody mentioned to me beforehand, I just came across them on my own (although to be far, I read these my sophomore year in high school so it could be I simply forgot that someone told me about them). To best describe these books, it would be like Clan of the Cave Bear meets Jurassic Park. A great trilogy of books that has stuck with me all these years.

  • Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I am a painfully slow reader and while this book isn’t huge it is five hundred pages plus. Having said that, I raced through this book from front to back in about three days. That is speed reading for me. I have never done that with any book before or since. I have always wanted to go back and read it hoping that it catches me and pulls me in like it did all those years ago when I read it the first time. FYI, this was made into a movie and if you’re really interested in reading the book or have seen the movie and not read the book, the movie was horrible and very different from the book.

  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton and The Landoliers by Stephen King. I lumped these two together because I have already read both these books twice and would love to read them again. Both King and Crichton are masters at story telling.

  • Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. Like I’ve mentioned before, no matter how much I like a book series it’s hard for me to finish one book and move right on to the next. With this trilogy of books that’s exactly what I did. Whenever a book or books captures you like that, it’s best to just give and go until your done. I read these books when there was only three in the series. Now there are six. None of the latter three come close to the first three, but after finishing the final book in the trilogy – The Last Colony – I remember wanting more.

I’m sure there are others, but many of these are books I read while in High School and really had an impact on me as a developing teenager. They set the stage for me in terms of my goals in life, and set me on a path to becoming a (want-to-be) writer. Hopefully there are still books in my future that have as much an impact on me as these books did.