fourpastmidnightLike so many blogs out there I created this blog for no other reason then when it comes to writing, and regardless of how much I enjoy it, I don’t write as much as I should, and if I want to get better at writing the only way to do that is to do it steadily – I can’t promise everyday day, but I can sure try. I also realized that I need feeback, which is where you, the reader, comes in. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think about my stories, in a constructive way, of course.

One thing that I have come to understand in the short time that I have tried to get my writing life in order, is that there is a lot to juggle. I have always been someone who has a lot of ideas just floating around in their head, now the trick is how to get them onto paper?

westofedenFirst comes the writing part, which is what this “Blog” is all about. Second, there is consistency part, which, again is what this “Blog” is all about. The biggest battle that I fight on a daily basis is putting the ideas together into something people will read and hopefully enjoy. Again, this is were this “Blog” come into play. I figure if I can write a single entry every day (500 words or so) and then sit on that piece of writing and come back to it 24 hours later, I should have left enough time for new ideas to brew so hopefully I can expand on the story from the previous day.

It may work and it may not. People might read my writings and say to themselves “man, this dude sucks.” Or, they might say “huh, not bad.” In either case I do this because it is something I do enjoy doing and plan to continue for a long time. Having said that, it is also my goal to get better, which only comes from practice and more practice.

jurassic1The other part of writing is reading – not only my stuff but other peoples stuff as well. I am a huge Stephen King fan (who isn’t). The amount of stuff that Stephen King puts out is mind boggling, and how he does it while still producing something entertaining is also, mind boggling. For me it is hard to write one good thing in a six month period, but he writes great story after great story in rapid succession drawing from a seemingly endless reservoir of ideas. But I also read Michael Crichton, who I idealized as a kid; Harry Harrison who’s West of Eden series might very well be the greatest trilogy of books every written (yes, even better then Star Wars – you heard it here first, folks); as well as some authors whose writing is outside the genre of Science Fiction, such as Rick Bass who is the modern day Walt Whitman, and John Steinbeck, who needs no run down of great works here. I should also mention that I have a huge Science Fiction collection. I’m not sure that anyone besides me find that interesting but, I am a geek after all and part of that stereo type is interest in computers (I’m a web developer) and our science fiction book and movie collections.