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A nice video and demonstration about how gravity works.

Upon enjoying some me time and suffering the internet, I came across an article about movies that originally had lead role played by other characters, for example Indiana Jones played by Tom Selleck. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Selleck on Magnum P.I., I even own a couple of seasons on DVD, but I don’t see any better character for the part of Indiana Jones other than Harrison Ford. Read More…

Like billions of others, I have become a huge fan of Game of Thrones, but I read this this morning and can only hope that it’s a joke, I mean, can you imagine, Game of Thrones without Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister?

Peter Dinklage Replaced for Seaon 4?

I came across this while scouring the internet and thought, what the hell, what sci-fi nerd doesn’t like to see some eye candy? Of course one of the sci-fi actresses on the hot list is Tricia Helfer, who I only bring up because I happened to be watching one of the first episodes of Jeremiah over the weekend, when who do I see? You guessed it Tricia Helfer. Looking on wikipedia this morning I see that this was her first acting gig. Also on that same episode of Jeremiah was Kandyse McClure who I didn’t see on the “sci-fi hot list” but should have made it none the less.

Well, we know is going to direct Star Wars, and now we are learning some of the characters that will star in the film. One such character is Han Solo, and no apparently not some younger version of Han from his early years, apparently Harrison Ford is reprising his role. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Harrison Ford fan, but this has disaster written all over it.


I have made no secret that John Scalzi is not only one of my favorite new writers from the world of Science Fiction, but he is also simply put one of my favorite writers period . For the past couple of years Scalzi has been heading the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, as well as being the author of many best selling novel. Here he is talking about what it means to be writer and more specifically, how he got his start.

I was reading an interesting article on Time‘s website about how planet hunters and Astronomers are shifting gears in their hunt for extra-soar planets to include M-type stars. These stellar embers are so common that when you take the immediate neighborhood of our galactic community of stars, M-Type stars outnumber Sun-like stars by 248 to 20. This includes Red Dwarf stars which have long been a debating point over how likely are these stars to play host to e life-sustaining planet? Some think unlikely since these stars, while having a lifespan that outnumbers the lifespan of a Sun-like star by billions of years, radiate so little heat that their “Goldilocks zones” are so small that the odds of a planet being inside one may be astronomical. However, when you have an astronomically huge number of times to roll the dice, my gut feeling says that the odds of it happening at least once are pretty good. And with the ratio of 248 to 20 multiplied out to include the entire galaxy, again, my guts leads me to believe these planets are out there, and maybe in greater numbers than we ever dreamed possible.

Read more.

It was four years ago on February 2, 2009 that I made the first post on this blog, a blog I had hoped would let me practice and speak openly about my love of everything science fiction and fantasy related. Looking back at my first post, I realize that these efforts haven’t been completely in vain. I have yet to be published or write a story that I am comfortable even calling a true story, but in terms of writing there is improvement  Reading over my first post, which was the first installment of a zombie-like story, I noticed sever things that I feel could have done better, thing that would be noticeable absent in my writing these days, things like the repetitive use of some words. But yes, as always, there is still work to be done. In any event Happy Birthday to…me, may there be many more.

Lights Out (Originally Published 2.2.09)

“Turn out the lights!” The man screamed as he rushed to fill the 12-gauge shotgun. His hands trembled uncontrollably as he slid down the cold concrete of the basement wall to the floor with the shotgun propped open across his lap. Julian watched with gritting teeth as the first shell fell from his grasp and rolled under a nearby workbench. After a brief moment, he collected himself, loaded the double barrel with two shells and pumped it as the lights in the basement went out.

“Over there, in the corner,” he whispered. In the dark he heard her struggle to find her away around, dumping and dropping things that crashed to the floor in loud, audible clanks and bangs as she made her way between two workbenches into the corner.

Once Julian knew that she was safely in her corner, he lowered the shotgun towards the locked and basement door, the bottom of which was the source of the only light which blazed through the small bottom crack like a blazing inferno.

They had stumbled across the house by accident, it didn’t belong to Julian or his wife, Mary-Ann, and the owners where know where to be found. After an hour of running through the woods, the abandon house seemed like a God send, and when they made there way inside, the sturdy Oak door with the two dead-bolts that lead down to the basement seemed like a God send, too. Now, as Julian looked around he realized that the only way to escape the basement if things didn’t go according to plan, was through the same door which lead down half a dozen steps into the basement – Julian began to wonder if this was a smart move.

Julian looked over in the direction in which he heard his wife’s sobs coming from and then back towards the door, watching and waiting for the blazing light at the bottom to go out, to be extinguished, by whom or whatever it was that had chased them through the woods and forced them to take refuge inside this house.

Julian wouldn’t call them Zombies, they seemed neither interested in eating them or curious about who or what they were, the seemed focused only on killing them. They had no missing limbs and where not covered in blood like Zombies often are in the movies, there was just something in their eyes that hinted at. . . madness, and ruthlessness. The few that they had encountered – on the road, before Julian and his wife lost control of their car and drove into a ditch – had bloodshot eyes and an evil sneer that covered their face at the first sight of them. They watched in horror as these. . . things ripped the limbs off a man trying to get away, that was when he realized that this was no simple gang of thugs, that this was something different, something. . . that caused a human being to boil over with hate and anger, so much so that they could tear a person to peaces in a matter of moments.

As Julian sat there listening to his own thoughts and breathing he saw it, a shadow temporarily blocked out the light blazing through the bottom of the door. Then, as he sat there, watching intently this time, he saw it again.

They’re coming, they’re here, he thought to himself as he leveled the shotgun at the locked door.

“Shhhh,” he whispered over to Mary-Ann in the corner as the door knob slowly turned and the door rattled against the dead-bolts, “shhhh.”

For rest of the story, look here.