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ghost_brigadesI’ve been snooping through the web trying to figure out what is new in the Science Fiction world – books, movies, etc – and what I have found is…not much. And at the same time, a lot. We have known for some time that HBO is making a show based on Asimov‘s science fiction classic, Foundation series, but as of today, there is no release date. The same goes for other books that are thought to be in pre-production to be brought to the small screen such John Scalzi‘s Old Man‘s War and Redshirts, Frederik Pohl‘s Gateway, and Ann Leckie‘s Ancillary Justice. Although, the Old Man’s War television series does seem to have a show name of The Ghost Brigades after the second book in that series. The only thing we do know is that 3001 by Arthur C. Clarke does seem to have a tentative release date of 2017, which is good because I’m currently reading 2061 and will move onto 3001 when I’m done. New additions to the list of soon-to-be T.V. shows are Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, The Dark Tower by Stephen King (which has actually been thrown around for several years as possible T.V. show), Lock In by John Scalzi, and Hyperion by Dan Simmons. So…yeah, a lot happening without much of anything happening, all at the same time. Being a huge Old Man’s War fan, though, I can’t wait to see that story being told on television. So I guess stay tuned. As for movies, well…apparently re-bootes for both The Mummy and Interview with a Vampire are in the works. And Pacific Rim 2 has been delayed.


ghost_brigadesWord has it that there are lots of new science fiction shows coming to you television, chief among them is the news that The Old Man’s War by John Scalzi is one of them. I read The Old Man’s WarGhost Brigades and The Last Colony three or four years ago now and instantly fell in love with them, so the fact that there are being made into a TV show I think is great news. The bad news is that this TV series will be on the SyFy channel which has a habit of producing good guilty science fiction television and then cancelling it when the ratings dip. However, word has it that the producers who cancelled Stargate: Universe – a great series – have been show the door.

Also, a The Walking Dead spin-off is also in the works and coming to AMC. In related news, Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, has another show coming to television called Clones. And related to the above news, Scalzi has a show coming to FX related to his novel Redshirts.

All-in-all, if these shows are half as good as the books I think it will be an exciting next couple of years for science fiction television.




John_Scalzi_-_Zoe's_TaleI make no secret of the fact that I’m a huge John Scalzi fan. I mean, the guy is immensely talented. When I read Old Man’s War I was so hooked I immediately went out and bought the other two books in the series and read them in a matter of days. Still, I have to admit that when I picked up Zoe’s Tale I paused. I was skeptical how good the story would actually be, I mean we already had some of the details of the story from The Last Colony, and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to reading a story from the point of view of a teenage girl. And while the story dealt with a girl and her teenage crush, the story had a lot to offer for even the most seasoned of science fiction fans. It has love, sorrow, action, adventure and the good old space battles that we have come to know and love from the Old Man’s War universe. In short, I started out almost forcing myself to read Zoe’s Tale but quickly found that I couldn’t put down.

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Continuing on about Hollywood and their complete lack of any original ideas, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, along with the other books in the series, have also been optioned to be made into major motion pictures. Maybe Hollywood is starting to understand that a movie can only be re-made so many times before something new has to be done in order for it to be re-made fifteen years down the road in order to continue the tradition. In any event, Old Man’s War was a great read and a book written by an awesome author, hopefully Hollywood doesn’t screw this up!

Further Reading

Remember reading that book that you thought what a great idea, to bad they didn’t execute the major plot points correctly? Or how about the great book that left you wanting more? That’s Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, only there was nothing bad about it, but I was left thinking that at one point this story was becoming eerily similar to Robert Heinlein‘s Starship Trooper, a book that I wasn’t very fond of. Luckily for me that portion of the story consisted of one part of one chapter, after which the book moved at full speed leaving me turning page after page until I finally had to put the book down to go visit the bathroom or go to bed. Needless to say I got up the next morning and picked up the book once again and didn’t put it down until I was finished.

The book follows John Perry who is old, seventy-five to be exact. However, while he is old he is the perfect age for service in the Colonial Defense Force (CDF) a military entity that protects all human colonies and settlement out amongst the stars. More than that they help the human race expand by battling alien races for coveted pieces of real estate. John is joining the CDF in the hope that they will make him young again, or at least not as old and frail. But the CDF does better than that, the give him an entirely new body, one that is muscular, fit, and green. . . With this new body Perry fights new enemies and old ones and even enemies that used to not be a threat until they surfaced with a brand new piece of technology, one in which they are able to pin-point exactly where a ship will appear in space after they “skip” from one point to another. This means that this once benign alien race can begin a battle even before the colonist ships enter the fight. John‘s job is to find out where they acquired this technology and how to get it from them to once again make the fight equal.

The book is very fast passed and filled with details and fun-filled science facts that will bring out the geek in us all. More than that they book is easy to follow and Scalazi‘s writing style makes it easy to follow along and keep track of the new characters that are constantly being introduced into the story. In short this is a great book and an enjoyable reading experience that I haven’t had in a long time.

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