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Planet-PlutoLooking back at just the previous year in space exploration and news, it is amazing how far we have come. In the past year we have landed a probe on a comet and now we are about to get the first look at Pluto, a planet that everybody knows exists but has thus far been nothing more than a distant planet with unknown features and geology (and I don’t care who disagrees with me, Pluto is still a planet in my mind). But having said that, it baffles me how far we could have been but aren’t. Forty-six year ago we landed a man on the Moon, and while I was still almost a decade away from being born at that point, I think many felt that it was only a matter of time before he had Moon bases, and/or permanent humans settles on either the Moon or in space, and, who knows, maybe even a man expedition to Mars. Looking back, almost half a century later, almost none of that has happened. So really, should we be amazed by how far we have come, or should we be amazed by far we could have been if we applied ourselves properly? Or maybe we should be amazed by how far we still have yet to go?


I came across this Mars settlement idea on youtube and was immediately drawn to the idea. One thing I find a little depressing, however, is the fact that Gerard ‘t Hooft talks about part of the American dream consisting of space exploration, even thought ‘t Hooft was born in the  Netherlands. I say depressing, because despite Americas ingenuity and technological leadership, being the first to send a manned mission to Mars is something that is far beyond our capability and will power even though, at one time, we lead the pack when it came to space exploration.

I truly feel that accomplishing such a goal would provide an tremendous economic, not to mention scientific boosts to whom ever or which ever country would be capable of doing it first.

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