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levI’ve had Leviathan Wakes for a while, as well as some of its sequels, for a while. I held off starting the series, however, since there were (and still are) other science fiction series that I want to either start and/or finish. The fact that this is being made into a new series on the Syfy channel pushed me into reading at least the first book before the series begins. I’m assuming that this series will be a lot like A Game of Thrones in that each season will correspond to a single book, and in the case of Leviathan Wakes, I don’t see why it shouldn’t. The book is huge and covers a lot, and I still have a little more than one hundred pages left to go in the book. I do plan on reading its sequel, Caliban’s War, around this time next year before season two of The Expanse starts. Assuming there is a season two.


ghost_brigadesWord has it that there are lots of new science fiction shows coming to you television, chief among them is the news that The Old Man’s War by John Scalzi is one of them. I read The Old Man’s WarGhost Brigades and The Last Colony three or four years ago now and instantly fell in love with them, so the fact that there are being made into a TV show I think is great news. The bad news is that this TV series will be on the SyFy channel which has a habit of producing good guilty science fiction television and then cancelling it when the ratings dip. However, word has it that the producers who cancelled Stargate: Universe – a great series – have been show the door.

Also, a The Walking Dead spin-off is also in the works and coming to AMC. In related news, Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, has another show coming to television called Clones. And related to the above news, Scalzi has a show coming to FX related to his novel Redshirts.

All-in-all, if these shows are half as good as the books I think it will be an exciting next couple of years for science fiction television.




The Walking Dead, saison 1More than two years ago now, the Syfy channel canceled one of the best shows, I feel, on TV at the time, Stargate: Universe. Since then, the Syfy channel has partaken in nothing but meaningless drivel in regards to their programming (i.e. Sharknado). Also since that time, Cable television has gone a long way to save the art and quality of the TV age. To see this look no further than The Game of ThronesBlack SailsThe Walking DeadVikingsBreaking Bad, and Dexter, just to name a few. However, even with all these shows and the various cable networks that have produced them, the Syfy channel has been left out and produced nothing, or at the very least, very little, in the way of quality programming (in my opinion, anyways). Looking at cables counterpart, Hollywood, we see an endless stream of crap in the form of Superhero movies and, well, more Superhero movies. Again, just my opinion.

I bring this up because this morning I’m reading that the Syfy channel has put in an order for 13 episodes of a zombie show called Z Nation. From the description is sounds pretty good. This is disturbing for me because I love Zombie and post-Apocalyptic themed movies, books and television shows. With the Syfy channel coming out with this new show it has a fifty-fifty chance of being half way decent, but also almost a 100% of the Syfy canceling the show just as it’s getting good, because that’s what they do. Which leaves me with a delima: do I watch or don’t I? Because, more than likely, in the end I’m probably going to be disappointed one way or the other. All I ask from the Syfy channel is that they give this show at least a chance of being successful. Don’t move around the night and time when the show is on, like they did with Stargate: Universe, that is a show killer! Don’t make it stupid! I’m sorry but Sharknado is stupid! Sure everybody was talking about it and a sequel is even being made, but my God man, talk about brainless television. And lastly, when producing this show, don’t behave like the Syfy channel, because, like I have already said, you have a propensity of producing crap or killing shows altogether when they are good, and simply making bad decisions.

Okay, I’m done ranting.

Just a quick note here. Earlier today I discovered, shockingly, like so many others did, that Stargate: Universe was cancelled. The reason I find it so necessary to discuss here is that because, Stargate: Universe, a spin-off of one of the longest running science fiction series in the U.S., was actually a great show. The characters had depth, the story-line weren’t just meaningless adventure where things were blow-up in space, and they had a moral that was intended to highlight a significant point concerning the human condition. And most importantly the series and the shows were thought out and extra effort was taken to get things as right as possible. Not many shows, especially in the science fiction realm, can say that. Star Trek can’t.

Now, we can hope that the show gets picked up by another network, but the fact that it was even cancelled just goes to show how off the mark the SyFy channel has been aiming recently. Week after week, they have put out meaningless shows that do nothing more then pit one prehistoric animal or monster against another, which, after two hours of sloppy storylines and even sloppier filming, they call it a day and then plaster it over the airwaves. Now, some if this is our fault, because we watch these shows, most of the time thinking what is this nonsense, and the networks gets the idea that this is what we want to watch, when in fact we are nothing more then passers-by who happened to stumble across the scene of a train wreck and we are just watching to find out what in the hell is going on.

I guess what I am trying to say is we know what has been airing on the SyFy channel lately, with the exception of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate and maybe a few others, is nothing but rubbish, but if we can see that why can’t they?

It’s just a shame that a genuinely well thought out show is no longer because of one networks false sense of art.

If case you haven’t heard, Stargarte Universe has been cancelled. The sad part about this whole thing is that the SyFy channel only had a limited number of good shows: Stargate Universe was one and…that’s it. Needless to say I only watched the SyFy channel because of Stargate Universe and now that the show has been cancelled I don’t think I will be watching it at all.

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