“Not a bad idea, Samuel . You thought of that all by yourself?” Adam asked.

“Well, I can’t take all the credit. I did see a similar situation, once, in a mutoscope. A man tried to dress-up as a women so he could sneak into the ladies privy.”

“Did it work, Samuel?” Anna-Bell asked.

Samuel shook his head.

“Well, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, if I do say so.” Thundered a voice from overhead. “And it might of worked, too.”

In the blazing sun that shown right above their heads, Samuel, Anna-Bell and Adam struggled to see where the voice was coming from. Then, like a forelorn shadow indicitive of an approaching thunderstorm rolling across the plains, the sun was blotted out, replaced by a figure standing on a high rock in front of them.

It took a minute for his eyes to adjust, but Samuel could see that the man wore a ten gallon cowboy hat, an overcoat, and in his right hand Samuel could make out the clear outline of a pistol.

“Shouldn’t have come, Samuel, shouldn’t have come.,” the voice said, a voice that Samuel instantly regonized when it said his name. “You escaped me the first time. I might have just let you be, but now here you are, trying to hunt me down and kill me. You should have known Samuel that I wouldn’t be easy to kill. I have eyes and ears everywhere. I was informed the minute you left Dearborne.”

“You know this man, Samuel.” Adam asked, raising his hands when he saw the man was holding a pistol.

Samuel nodded. Whitechapel.

“Is it him?”

Samuel nodded again and then told him yes.

“Doesn’t matter, Whitechapel, I’m still going to kill you.” Samuel shouted, the gun was still in his hands at his side.

“You and what army, Dean?” Whitechapel shouted down.

“Just me. That’s all I need to take you out.”

With that, Samuel and the others heard rustling from eaither side of them and looked to see two more men both caring shotguns. They pointed them at the trio and cocked them to let them know it was loaded.

“It seems you might need more then just yourself, Mr. Dean.” Whitechapel gave out a cackle